Reasons to Join BIS

• Alarm system response

• Immediate officer contact

• Newspaper and mail pick-up

• Website with wildlife and criminal activity updates

• Authorization to react to suspicious activity on your property

• For more information call 634-4000

Where are the Alerts & Reports? Local Links?

Please log in to see the Alerts and Reports and the Local Links pages.  These are benefits of membership in BIS.

Where is the Service Request Link?

Please log in to see the link for submitting your service requests.  That is how we record

the email address of the requester, which helps us in responding promptly to you.



Welcome to the new and improved BIS COMMUNICATOR website! While we’ve kept your favorite features such as the Crime Report, Wildlife Report and the ability to submit Service Requests online, we are pleased to present some new features:


  1. Enhanced security and anti-virus protection
  2. Login and Password creation can only be done by calling the office for assistance
  3. Manage your own contact information
  4. Front page, same-day posting of criminal activity

In order to keep the website more secure, you will need to register for your personal login and password by the Chief.  Contact the BIS office at 634-4000.

Also, please take the time to fill out our website survey. We’re eager to hear your feedback and to continue to make improvements to the site.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you.


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Daily Headlines

Where did summer go?!

Compared to past years, it's been a very quiet time for us at B.I.S. for the last few months.  There have been some vehicle break-ins and vandalism, issues with homeless people and camps, nasty solicitors and the bears.

I spoke with DOW and not only do the bears not have apples and berries but their main food supply; acorns also perished in the late freeze we had last Spring.  Our bears have no fear of humans that makes them very dangerous.  Be aware when you are outside and don't leave doors wide open on your house or garage.  They can smell food eight miles away and this time of the year they are very hungry.

The kids are back in school now so traffic is more congested than it has been.  Please slow down and be patient.  Enjoy autumn in our beautiful neighborhoods!


Chief of Security

Karla Pierce


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Daily Headlines

Bobcats, bears, fox and deer share your neighborhood; find out where they are living...Read More . . .

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